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500 VA, Single-phase Provides 0-300 VAC or 0-424 VDC output from a single source Delivers full power with up to 6:1 Crest Factor loads DC/15 Hz to 1 kHz Ultra-pure/low distortion output for designed for commercial applications Smaller, lighter and expanding setting and read-back functions Power amplifier mode Programmable voltage, current limit Optional GPIB and RS232 interface

Key Features:

  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) waveform generation
  • Programmable Sine, Square, or Clipped Sine waveform output
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, frequency, phase, and distortion
  • Power line disturbances simulation capability
  • 30 factory installed harmonic waveforms in the waveform library
  • User programmable harmonic waveforms
  • User programmable sequential output waveforms for auto-execution
  • Powerful measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipk+, Ipk-, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor, inrush current, VA, VAR, etc.
  • Built-in power factor correction circuit provides input power factor of over 0.98 to meet the IEC regulations
  • Advanced PWM technology to deliver high power output in a light and compact rackmountable package
  • Built-in output isolation relays
  • User-definable power-on state
  • TTL output to signal any output transition for ATE application
  • Analog Programming Interface for external amplitude control
  • Optional GPIB, RS-232 interface
  • List mode transient power line disturbances simulation for Voltage Dip & Variation to meet IEC 61000-4-11
  • Easy use graphic user interface: softpanel (Option)

This Chroma 61601 500 VA AC source is in very good condition and was fully tested.

Output VA (Volt*Amps): 500 VA
0 to 300 V, 500 VA, Single Phase
AC, DC, AC+DC output modes
DC or 15 Hz to 1 kHz
Delivers full power with up to 6:1 Crest Factor loads
Analog signal input, functions as a high-power amplifier
Programmable voltage, current limit, frequency
Turn on, turn off phase angle control
Powerful measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipk, power, inrush current, frequency, crest factor, power factor, VA, and more
Input power factor correction
Combine 3 units for 3-phase power output
GPIB, RS-232C, Analog Programming Interface Board and Rack Kit included