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This Kepco APH500M is working just as you would expect it to. I tested the unit for full voltage and I also tested it for full current. Other than maybe needing slight alignment / calibration the unit is in very good condition. I say it may need alignment because the current knob is a 10 turn potentiometer. At full rotation the current should just get to full scale or 40 mA; but on this unit the knob was rotated less than 10 turn to reach full scale current. There are manual adjustment potentiometers on the rear of the unit and a tweeker tool attached to the unit but I did not adjust anything. As you can see from the photos, the unit produces 500Vdc and with a short had controlled current up to it’s full rating of 40 mA.

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As you can see in the photos this unit has been tested at full plus and minus 500 Vdc as well as full current to plus and minus 80mA. It comes with rack mount bars and hardware included but not in photos. The Kepco Model BOP 500M and BOP 1000M are high voltage power sources, up to 500V or 1000V, respectively. These combine the capabilities of fast programmable power supplies with a Class A output stage, which can respond bidirectionally from zero. The BOP-HV can be operated in either a “voltage stabilizing” or “current stabilizing” operating mode (selectable by a front panel switch).