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This Agilent 4263B and Agilent 16048A are in impeccable condition. It has been NIST calibrated by an independent lab on 7/13/2013. It includes documentation on CD and hard copies as well. Everything you see in the photos will be included.


HP 4263B LCR Meter is a general purpose LCR Meter designed for both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental impedance testing for bech-top aplications.


This unit has Enhanced Bandwidth, Noise Reduction and External Clock Reference installed. It passes all internal tests and self calibration. It is in excellent condition. It was upgraded to a DSO81304B from a DSO80204B by the manufacturer.

Key Features & Specifications

12-GHz Bandwidth, upgradeable to 13 GHz

Out of stock

InfiniiMax single-ended browser probe head.  For use with Agilent 1130A, 1131A, 1132A, 1134A InfiniiMax High-Performance Active Probe System.

Works perfectly. What you see in the photo is what you get. Additional tips available at added cost. Buy with confidence as I offer a 14 day right of return.

This Agilent HP 33120A arbitrary waveform generator is in excellent cosmetic condition and has been fully checked out and tested and found to be in excellent working condition also. We have 10 of these in stock, so this may not be the exact unit you receive but it is definitely representative of the quality of all of the units available.. Call 209-386-7544 for more info if needed.

This Agilent HP3314A is in immaculate condition. It has a 2 year NIST calibration performed as of 7/2013 by an independent laboratory.

The Agilent / HP 3314A is a multi-mode, HP-IB Programmable Function Generator featuring Sine, Square and Triangle functions from 1 mHz to 19.99 MHz. Ramps and pulses are available from 1 mHz to 1.999 MHz using variable symmetry.


Performance Highlights

DC volts
• 5 ranges: 0.1 V to 1000 V • 8.5 to 4.5 digit resolution • Up to 100,000 readings/sec (4.5 digits) • Maximum sensitivity: 10 nV • 0.6 ppm 24 hour accuracy • 8 ppm (4 ppm optional)/year voltage reference stability


This Agilent 4284A is in impeccable, like new condition. Beautiful in every way.

Agilent precision LCR meter family utilize state-of-the art measurement technologies

  • 6-digits of resolution at any range
  • Basic accuracies of 0.05% (Agilent 4284A) and 0.1% (Agilent 4285A)
  • 20 impedance parameters to access and measure
  • Constant V or I test signal level
  • 20 Vrms test signal level(Agilent 4284A) Move your process toward error-free operation
  • Instrument setup state storage
  • Comparator functions
  • Selectable frequency error corrections
  • Open, short and load corrections remove parasitics

The Agilent 5060-3386 standard output connector is used in conjunction with a HP 66000A mainframe and a selection of HP 66101A, 66102A, 66103A, 66104A, 66105A,66106A DC Power modules. We have over 50 currently in stock as of 2/6/15. They are available with any HP6610xA power supply purchase on a one for one basis.

This HP 60504A with option J10 is capable of pulling 60 amps, of having 120 Vdc applied across it, at up to 500 Watts. It has been fully tested and works fine.

This HP 60504B is capable of pulling 120 amps, of having 60 Vdc applied across it, at up to 600 Watts. It has been fully tested and works fine. It does have a worn top post as it binds up so it was being secured using a pair of pliers. It can be replaced if you choose to do that or you can tighten it with a screwdriver or pliers. It will hand tighten most of the way but gets more difficult as you get about at the 60 to 70% of closed completely point ( assuming there is nothing being connected and you are just closing the retainer).

This Agilent HP 60507B 150Vdc 60Amps 500W  DC load module for use in HP6050A is fully tested and in very good condition.

This Agilent HP 6060A DC electronic load is capable of having a load on it with voltage of 3 to 60 Vdc across its’ input terminals and loading up to 60 amps of current with a maximum allowed power dissapation of 300 watts. It has been fully tested and is guaranteed to perform as you would expect. As noted above, there is a small blemish in the LCD display at the bottom in the center of the display panel where it has a bleed.