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This Xantrex XDC40-150 programmable 40 Vdc 150 Amp 6000 Watt DC Power Supply is in good to very good condition. They may have slight imperfections in cosmetic appearance and some scratches in the paint from normal wear.  It is gauranteed fully functional, has been NIST calibrated in December 2015 with a 2 year calibration cycle and comes with a 45 Day warranty. It has the CANBUS option so up to 5 units can be paralled for up to 5 times current capability. We have 8 in stock and all may have some, what I would consider to be,  small minor cosmetic flaws. They are not new, but they are nice and work perfect.

Out of stock

This unit has been fully checked out and works beautifully. It is in incredibly nice condition.

The XDC Series represents today’s state-of-the-art technology in programmable DC supplies, offering 6 kW and 12 kW of high power for ATE, production test, burn-in, bulk power and OEM applications. With an embedded controller, the XDC Series has a unique menu-driven auto sequencing capability. This powerful feature allows for complex test sequences to be entered and saved via the front panel without the need for external computers or software. Tests unique to a user’s application are now possible with the XDC Series. At 6 kW and 12 kW, the XDC Series offers up to ten different test programs, each with up to 99 voltage level steps varying from milliseconds to days. Programs can be executed by a manual or external trigger, or via a computer interface; a technician can single step through a sequence, run “n” times or run continuously when triggered from the front panel or remotely. This stand-alone capability can be used for constructing simple voltage XDC Series Digital Power Supplies ramps, battery charging and simulation of battery voltage at engine start-up, component testing, and MIL 704E testing. Additionally, up to ten configurations of differing protection and output set points may be stored, recalled at any time or set for default at start-up. Both the XDC 6 kW and 12 kW are available in ten models. Simple, high power systems can also be configured by adding parallel power supplies that are controlled from a master XDC unit by a CANbus communications link. Standard features include RS-232 and fully isolated analog control, extensive self-protection mechanisms, “soft switching” for better noise performance, efficiency and reliability, and input power factor correction (PFC) for lower current draw and low harmonic current generation. 

This Xantrex XFR600-2 DC Power supply is capable of producing 0 to 600Vdc at up to 2 amps of current. It has been fully tested and checked out. It is cosmetically like new. We have 2 in stock, one with GPIB and one without.

This benchtop Xantrex XHR20-50 DC Power Supply with GPIB is capable of producing 20 Vdc at up to 50 amps 1000 Watts. It is a really nice compact unit.

This Xantrex XMP2600 comes loaded with 7 power modules. The following power supply modules are contained within the mainframe:

  • 8Vdc 20Amp
  • 18Vdc 20Amp
  • 8Vdc 40Amp
  • 80Vdc 5Amp
  • 36Vdc 40Amp
  • 160Vdc 4.5Amp
  • 18Vdc 20Amp