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001 Oven Timebase

002 Battery

Key Features & Specifications

  • Single, ultra-wideband CW microwave counter input, 50 MHz to 20 GHz
  • -70 dBm to +44 dBm power meter range with Keysight 8480 series sensors
  • High resolution/accuracy +/- 50 Vdc DVM
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces standard

Agilent HP 6812B AC Power Source/Analyzer

Key Features & Specifications

Output Ratings

  • Power: 750 VA
  • Voltage rms: 300 V
  • Current rms: 6.5 A
  • Repetitive & non-repetitive peak current: 40 A
  • Output Frequency Range DC; 45 Hz to 1 kHz

Ripple & Noise (20 kHz to 10 MHz)

  • -60 dB (relative to full scale)
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Agilent N1911A with option 003 and N1921A with option 105

Agilent/HP N1911A P-Series Single Channel Power Meter

When used with the N192XA wideband power sensors, the N1911/12A P-Series power meter provides a measurement frequency range from 50 MHz to 40 GHz with an internal zero and calibration capability.

This Ametek Elgar SW5250A-3-3-2 has just been factory calibrated. It is in very good condition. One of the advantages of this configuration is the first -3 in the option chain represents PFC input. This takes the unit from about 70% efficiency to about 92% efficiency, thus saving the user a lot of electricity usage and thus “money”.